Campbell Moriarty & McCluan on The Death of Eyewitness Testimony and the Rise of Machine

Jane Campbell Moriarty (Duquesne University – School of Law) & Erin McCluan (same) have posted “Forward to the Symposium, The Death of Eyewitness Testimony and the Rise of Machine” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Artificial intelligence, machine evidence, and complex technical evidence are replacing human-skill-based evidence in the court­ room. This may be an improvement on mistaken eyewitness identification and unreliable forensic science evidence, which are both causes of wrongful convictions. Thus, the move toward more machine-based evidence, such as DNA, biometric identification, cell service location information, neuroimaging, and other specialties may provide better evidence. But with such evidence comes different problems, including concerns about proper cross-examination and confrontation, reliability, inscrutability, human bias, constitutional concerns, and both philosophic and ethical questions.