Gutierrez et al. on Defining General Purpose Artificial Intelligence Systems

Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez (RAND; ASU Law; Future of Life Institute); Anthony Aguirre (Future of Life Institute); Risto Uuk (same); Claire Boine (University of Ottawa Faculty of Law; Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute); and Matija Franklin (University College London – Department of Experimental Psychology) have posted “A Proposal for a Definition of General Purpose Artificial Intelligence Systems” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

The European Union (EU) is in the middle of comprehensively regulating artificial intelligence (AI) through an effort known as the AI Act. Within the vast spectrum of issues under the Act’s aegis, the treatment of technologies classified as general purpose AI systems (GPAIS) merits special consideration. Particularly, existing proposals to define GPAIS do not provide sufficient guidance to distinguish these systems from those designed to perform specific tasks, denominated as fixed-purpose. Thus, our working paper has three objectives. First, to highlight the variance and ambiguity in the interpretation of GPAIS in the literature. Second, to examine the dimensions of generality of purpose available to define GPAIS. Lastly, it proposes a functional definition of the term that facilitates its governance within the EU. Our intention with this piece is to spark a discussion that improves the hard and soft law efforts to mitigate these systems’ risks and protect the well-being and future of constituencies in the EU and globally.