Patil on Cyber Laws in India

Jatin Patil (NMIMS School of Law, Hyderabad) has posted “Cyber Laws in India: An Overview” (Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research, 4(01), pp. 1391-1411) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

The world has progressed in terms of communication, particularly since the introduction of the Internet. The rise of cybercrime, often known as e-crimes (electronic crimes), is a major challenge confronting today’s society. As a result, cybercrime poses a threat to nations, companies, and individuals all across the world. It has expanded to many parts of the globe, and millions of individuals have become victims of cybercrime. Given the serious nature of e-crime, as well as its worldwide character and repercussions, it is evident that a common understanding of such criminal conduct is required to successfully combat it. The definitions, types, and incursions of e-crime are all covered in this study. It has also focused on India’s anti-e-crime legislation.