Ritter on Digital Justice in 2058

Jeffrey Ritter has posted “Digital Justice in 2058: Trusting Our Survival to AI, Quantum and the Rule of Law” (8 J. Int’l & Comparative Law __ (2021)) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

As legal scholarship on the interactions among artificial intelligence (AI) and the rule of law advances, quantum computing is rapidly moving from scientific theory into reality, offering unprecedented potential for what AI will accomplish. To anticipate what the rule of law will offer when quantum becomes real, Part I introduces a future reality in which a new machine-based legal system, quantum law, governs humankind.

Time travelling forward to 2058, the centennial birthday of the Internet, Part II surveys the condition of the world, in which the rule of law serves an essential purpose—to extend the survival of humankind. Part III offers the text of an imagined keynote address in that year, describing the foundations on which justice has evolved and quantum law is administered.

Part IV concludes by challenging custodians of the law to think differently about how to fit law and technology together, while still preserving and advancing the humane values cherished as principles of the rule of law today—compassion, forgiveness, redemption, equality and fairness.