Lim on B2B Artificial Intelligence Transactions: A Framework for Assessing Commercial Liability

Ernest Lim (National University of Singapore – Faculty of Law) has posted “B2B Artificial Intelligence Transactions: A Framework for Assessing Commercial Liability” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Business to business (“B2B”) artificial intelligence (“AI”) transactions raise challenging private law liability issues because of the distinctive nature of AI systems and particularly the new relational dynamics between AI solutions providers and procurers. This article advances a three-stage framework comprising data management, system development and implementation, and external threat management. The purpose is to unpack AI design and development processes involving the relational dynamics of providers and procurers in order to understand the parties’ respective responsibilities. Applying this framework to English commercial law, this article analyses the potential liability of AI solutions providers and procurers under the Supply of Goods and Services Act and the Sale of Goods Act. The assumption that only AI solutions providers will be subject to liability, or that no party will be liable due to the “autonomous” nature of AI systems, is rejected.