Low, Wan & Wu on The Future of Machines: Property and Personhood

Kelvin F.K. Low (NUS Law), Wai Yee Wan (City University of Hong Kong), and Ying-Chieh WU (SNU Law) have posted “The Future of Machines: Property and Personhood” (The Cambridge Handbook of Private Law and Artificial Intelligence, Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

The use of tools was once believed to be a distinguishing feature of human intelligence which allowed us to deny personhood to animals, which like tools, were property rather than persons. As we get increasingly dependent on our increasingly sophisticated tools, the law will need to consider when (if ever) machines cease to be mere tools and become a part of our person. Could they even increase in sophistication to the point when they may be conferred legal personhood? Or will rapidly advancing machine intelligence first strip us of our personhood? Might the law of property prove to be a bulwark against such an outcome?