Shetty & Mishra on India’s Policy of Integrating AI with Education

Kashvi Shetty (Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai) Pranjal Mishra (Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai) have posted “India’s New Policy Progresses Towards Integrating Ai with Education” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

The rapid advancement of technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), is transforming all walks of life, including education. It has become an imperative part for nations to integrate the modernization brought about by the boom of technology to sustain and develop itself. India as a developing country has recognized the transformative potential of AI and is rapidly taking appreciable steps towards integrating AI in various fields. Recently, India has approved a new National Education Policy (NEP), which stresses educational issues, such as digital literacy, integrating AI-assisted pedagogy to think creatively, and articulating new directions for research and innovations in the face of an autonomous intermediary. This article will analyze the specific proposition of whether the NEP has ably incorporated the AI systems and technologies in an accessible and inclusive manner. It would also delve into whether the NEP aids in adopting newer technologies, improving the efficiency of academic tasks, embracing cultural differences, and most importantly, working towards improving the digital divide in the country.