Greenleaf on Global Tables of Data Privacy Laws and Bills (7th Ed, January 2021)

Graham Greenleaf (University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law) has posted “Global Tables of Data Privacy Laws and Bills (7th Ed, January 2021)” on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

This 2021 7th edition of the Tables detailing data privacy laws in all countries that have such laws or official bills, contains two parts: – the Global Table of Countries with Data Privacy Laws (now 145 countries); and the Global Table of Official Data Privacy Bills (now 23 countries).

These Tables are regarded as the most reliable periodic list of data privacy laws by many organisations across the world.

The data in the Tables is as known at 31 January 2021. The Tables were originally published in (2021) 169 Privacy Laws & Business International Report (PLBIR) pgs 6-19. New editions are published approximately every two years..

The data in the Tables is analysed in a series of three articles by me:

• ‘Global data privacy laws 2021: Despite COVID delays, 145 laws show GDPR dominance’ (2021) 169 PLBIR 1, 3-5,

• ‘Global data privacy laws 2021: Uncertain paths for international standards’ (2021) 169 PLBIR 23-27, and

• ‘Global data privacy 2021: DPAs joining networks are the rule’ (2021) 170 PLBIR 23-27 (will be available on SSRN in due course).

Copies of all legislation listed in the Laws Table are in the National Data Privacy Legislation database, part of the free access Global Data Protection, Privacy & Surveillance Law Library, located on the World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII).